Which are the Best Destinations to Visit in South India?

South India travel packages

No traveller should miss the vibrant and colourful attractions of South India. From religious sites to cultural monuments, every aspect of South India reflects the rich Indian heritage. Availing specially designed South India travel packages to visit some popular South Indian destinations can give you a unique perspective of life and beauty. Explore here about some such destinations you must not miss on your tour to South India.


A set of stunning temples, Madurai is a place you may visit regardless of your religious orientation. No traveller would want to miss the impressive architecture and beauty of Madurai temples, especially the 4,000-year-old Meenakshi Temple. Madurai is an old city that offers the glimpses of another era of life.


Hampi in Karnataka is another not-to-be-missed South Indian destination that captivates tourists through the ruins of history it holds in its heart. It shows great landscapes and amazing monuments that can energise just anyone.


God’s Own Country, as Kerala is called, features amazing sandy beaches and azure backwaters, as well as calming palm trees and evergreen rainforests. Whether you want to cherish the chef-crafted, authentic South Indian food in a great resort or wish to spend a night in the midst of serene waters, you must not miss visiting Kerala. Just go for customised South India travel packages available with credible travel agencies like Travelite (India) and make your Kerala tour memorable forever.


Located on the East Coast of Tamil Nadu, this union territory historically used to be a French colony. You will find this place delightful with its unique lifestyle and flavours. Delve into the extremes of its peace and vibrancy. While foodies are pepped up visiting Pondicherry restaurants, spiritual seekers are attracted to its serenity.

Tamil Nadu

From the beach town of Mahabalipuram to the pilgrim town of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu is a pious destination to be included in everyone’s itinerary. All its stone sculptures, temples, dance festivals, and oceans are dramatic.

Thus, get ready for a luxurious tour to South India on your next trip. Plan it now with your family or friends. We bet your travel will be unforgettable forever.

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