All That You Should Know About Ayurveda Kerala Tourism

Ayurveda Kerala tourism

Nature always wears the colour of the spirit and  Kerala the land of beauty is best described as the ‘favourite child of nature’. The awe-inspiring encounters abundant in the ‘God’s own Country’ have a subtle magnetism that entices you into yielding. Even as the focus of the elite traveller shifts from ‘indulgent vacations’ to ‘wellness vacations’, Kerala continues to be relevant. The state offers a blend of wellness and leisure, helping tourists satisfy their itchy feet and gain life-enriching benefits simultaneously. However, if knowledge deficit restricts you from embarking on a well-deserved Ayurvedic retreat to Kerala, we are here to help.

Ayurveda, which was a common legacy of all Indian states, faded into oblivion in other destinations as western healing practices gained prominence. However, Kerala represents a different story altogether. Ayurveda has been the mainstream treatment practice for Keralites since centuries, and the tradition holds true to this day. As such, the Ayurveda Kerala tourism industry is way more evolved, structured and institutionalised vis-a-vis any other destination. Additionally, the tradition of Ashtavaidyas, a clan of Ayurvedic physicians with proficiency in the eight branches of the healing practice, is also exclusive to this tropical paradise.

Kerala is replete with Ayurvedic treatment facilities catering to travellers across all demographics, wellness conditions and occupations. For someone who likes to unwind in style, the state brings to the table a whole range of luxury resorts with a pedigree in Ayurveda. These secluded sanctuaries will pamper you to wellness with a set of proven treatments in a tranquil and mesmerising backdrop. As top names in the luxury travel domain, including Travelite (India), provide Ayurveda packages in India, you are relieved from the due diligence needed to find an Ayurveda resort suiting your taste, wellness goals and other specifications.

Concerted efforts of the successive state governments run deep in the thriving Ayurveda Kerala tourism. The state has invested generously in creating and sustaining Ayurveda colleges and universities, which ensures a consistent supply of well-versed practitioners. The government is also making efforts to regulate the Ayurveda industry with a well-defined classification system, wherein the stakeholders will be categorised as per the quality of their services and products.

Kerala also has a rich tradition of yoga and meditation, which substantiates its status as the leading wellness destination. The yoga and meditation not only aid the therapeutic value of Ayurveda but ensure holistic healing as well. Apparently, Ayurveda yoga Kerala packages are a big draw for luxury travellers wanting to break the monotony of daily chores and achieve their wellness goals. Thanks to a moderate temperature, cool breeze with optimal humidity and unique climatic conditions, Kerala is a treasure trove of herbs that are hard to find elsewhere.

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