In 1943, we embarked on the mission to discover India. My father, late Mr Des Raj Singh, founder owner of the KTC Group had a passion for travel. Even before India’s independence he dared to introduce the art of luxury travel in India, through the formation of Karachi Taxi Company (KTC). Over the following years, KTC pioneered luxury coach and car rentals in India.

In 1978, the inbound tour division, Travelite (India), was born with the mission to redefine the image of India in the hearts of tourists’ world wide.

With more than 70 years of experience, we have created a dynasty of specialization in all spheres of tourism. We take pride in escorting our guests and enabling them to discover the real India in the best possible way. For a detailed list of services provided by Travelite (India)

India’s mysticism built on its legacy of history, rich culture, religions, languages and people has always attracted and welcomed visitors to its shores. At Travelite (India), we relive this tradition of “Atithi Devo Bhava” i.e. “Guest is God” and welcome you to our incredible India.


Sarab Jit Singh
Managing Director
Travelite India