Plan a Long Trip for Cultural Tour of India

cultural tour of India

India is a diverse country that accommodates a variety of regional cultures with all their richness. While there are several religions and beliefs, there are also many different languages, traditions, attires, and cuisines. Travellers from across the world love the way India displays its cultural heritage in numerous ways. If you are yet to take a long trip to India, find out why you should plan it soon.

The cultural reflection of India

Ranging from exquisite architecture and marvellous monuments to serene locations and sumptuous food, everything in India reflects its cultural heritage in some form. If you have never taken a cultural tour of India, then it is probably time to witness the beauty of its festivals, palaces, religious places, and special attractions. From Red Fort and India Gate in New Delhi to Taj Mahal in Agra, the Indian culture has left its mark in every monument.

India has a rich culture that shows variations as you move from the hill stations like Dalhousie, Mc Leodganj and Shimla in the north to the forests and backwaters in the south. The natural landscapes add to the beautiful culture of the country. Whether you want to go to Rajasthan for enjoying luxury trains and elephant rides or wish to go to north-eastern states to explore their unique traditions, a luxurious long trip can cover it all for you.

How to plan a long cultural trip to India

While it is not easy to plan a long trip to several places of significance across India, a cultural tour of India will work best when you seek help from a reliable and experienced travel agency like Travelite (India). A well-networked travel operator usually organises cultural tours that cover the most royal culture from different Indian states.

An agency can customise a region tour for you and your travel group according to your interests and travel needs. All your hotel, dining and transportation bookings are done to provide you with the most luxurious yet fun and enjoyable tour. You will be guided to witness a fascinating history of India, as well as jaw-dropping architecture and monuments. Thus, some good planning can work wonders in taking a memorable tour of Indian culture.

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