Ace your Jungle Safari with these Simple Tips

wildlife tour in India

A Jungle safari in India is your entryway to the wilderness. The recreation and safari include  some vulnerabilities that you should avoid. However, steering clear from these untoward situations is a possibility provided you plan well and execute it to perfection. We have put up a list of simple yet effective tips to help you enjoy safe, pleasurable and comfortable excursions amidst the wilderness.

Pack Right:

The thumb rule for safe and convenient safaris is to pack right. Your backpack should include essential items, such as headgear, dark glasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, raincoats and torch, along with medications and first aid kit. Since jungle safari is all about capturing great moments, you cannot afford to leave your camera and binoculars at home. Keep plenty of water and some foodstuff in your backpack to brave those long sightseeing hours. Also, carry an additional SIM card if you are serious about staying connected during the excursion.

Choice of wearable:

You have to be impeccable with the choice of clothes you wear, as some prudence here will keep vulnerabilities at bay. Prefer lightweight and breathable clothes to stay away from skin irritation caused by excessive sweating. Avoid wearing bright colours, as they may provoke animals to attack. It is always advisable to go with colours like khaki, olive green and light brown, as they camouflage with the surroundings, keeping you safe. Refrain from carrying slippers and sparsely covered shoes, as they expose you to crawlers that can inflict pain.

Stay Responsible:

When on a wildlife tour in India, you need to conduct yourself responsibly. The safari provider will make you familiar with a set of safety rules prior to moving and it is your responsibility to remain compliant with them. Otherwise, you are compromising your own safety and that of your group members as well. Since littering is undesirable, it makes sense to carry a trash bag.

Hire Help:

Regardless of of gadgets at your disposal, you are likely to lose your way in the wilderness, particularly when on a private tour. So, prefer hiring a local guide who knows the reserve well enough to navigate you to safety. His insights regarding prominent animal spotting points will help maximise the experience of  jungle safari in India

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